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This is Annie 'The Worm Lady'.

Here are some of my videos showing you how to care for your Bearded Dragon.

I get so many questions from bearded dragon owners that I decided to make these videos to help you out. I hope you'll find these helpful.

If you have any other questions you'd like to ask me just post them on my Contact Us Page and I'll try to answer them as soon as I can!  

Cheers. Annie

How to sex a Bearded Dragon

Sexing two bearded dragons (a male and a female)

I just found this wonderful pic about how to sex beardies using a flashlight.  It is a wonderful way to do it, and the results are clear as day.  Make sure the room is dark and then lay him/her down on a counter or shelf, and shine a flashlight through the top side of the tail while the tail gently. Wow!  Is this neat or what!!!!! 

Hi Bearded Dragon lovers everywhere ...

I've had many requests on how to figure out whether your bearded dragon is a boy or a girl.

I answered this question in detail on my blog but many folks said they would prefer seeing how to find out  their beardie's sex, so I've created this short video for you to easily determine your dragon's gender.

Cheers, Annie

Sexing your bearded dragon using a flashlight


Bearded Dragon Husbandry, Proper Caging and Lighting - Carolina Classic Dragons

How to File the Nails of your bearded dragon

Nail Care (nail filing) of my bearded dragon - Part ONE

 Nail Care (nail filing) of my bearded dragon - Part TWO

 Baby Bearded Dragon Rescues (day One)

Baby Beardies Rescue - Part One (Wed.Nov.27th, 11 AM EST, 2013 - Day 1) 

This morning I met a bearded dragon owner asking my help because her dragon had a clutch of 7 baby beardies and 4 had died. She gave me the last 3 sick baby beardies hoping I could save them...

It was clear to me that they were dehydrated and malnourished, had metabolic bone disease (MBD), were impacted and were extremely weak, one being on the verge of death.

I will be making a series of videos on this rescue mission to keep you updated on the methods I'll use to save these baby dragons and get them good and healthy.

beardie rescues Bubba and Brownie
'Bubba' at 2 months age measures 2.5" in length and only weighs 6 grams. She is seriously impacted, having seizures (back legs) and is very sick (Wed.Nov.27). 

Over the next 2-3 days as their health improves, I'll make a slurry of collards and dandelion greens for them.  Please check back since I will be posting new videos on their progress. 


Baby Beardies Rescue - Part One (Wed.Nov.27th, 2013)  

For very sick beardies, bathe two to three times a day in warm water. You can also use 1/2 unflavoured Pedialite and 1/2 water if they are very dehydrated and/or malnourished. The bath should include about an 1/8 of a teaspoon of calcium powder for the size of container (8" x 8") shown at right.   

two baby bearded dragons sleeping on Annie's neck.

(Wed.Nov.27th, 3 PM EST, 2013,  Day 1) 

Today, I received 3 very young (4 week old) and sickly baby bearded dragon rescues. One died just hours later from impaction. Apparently they were all being fed mealworms and 1/4" crickets. I am working on saving the other two whom I have named Brownie (8 grams) and Bubba (7 grams). 

I'll be feeding them baby food (chicken in broth, squash and green peas) to which I've added Calcium and multivitamins, and I will also feed them lots of ReptiWorms. 

recues Bubba and Brownie in bathtub

Bubba & Brownie on second day - getting their 4th therapeutic bath. 

(Thurs,Nov,28th, 1 PM EST, 2013 - Day 2)

<< Bubba and her brother Brownie ... catching a nap on Annie's neck ... really sweet aren't they?

Baby Bearded Dragon Rescues (day 3)  

Baby Beardies Rescue - Part Two (Fri.Nov.29th, 2013 - Day 3) 

Tonight I had a surprise visit from Jacob our neighbor and his Beardie 'Michelle" which I rescued just 6 weeks ago. She was impacted and only weighed 28 grams (at 5 months of age). She has since gained 42 grams and grown 2 inches and is doing really well (now 6 1/2 months old) and just loves climbing my curtains. (Fri,Nov.29th, 6 PM EST, 2013)   

(Fri.Nov.29th, 9 AM EST, 2013,  Day 3)  

It's Friday morning and my 2 baby beardie rescues got through the night and are doing well.  I am bathing them and feeding them 3-4 times a day so they can have regular bowel movements and gain weight. They are much stronger already than they were just 2 1/2 days ago.  Brownie gained 2 grams and Bubba 1 gram, and they are both now holding up their heads and moving freely. 

Baby Beardies Rescue - Part Three (Fri.Nov.29th, 2013 - Day 3) 

Baby Bearded Dragon Rescues (day 4) 

It's about 7 PM EST on Saturday night and here I'll show you how I get my 2 baby beardie rescues ready and prepared for their second feeding of the day. (Sat.Nov.30th, 7 PM EST, 2013 - Day 4) 

Baby Beardies Rescue - Part Five (Sat.Nov.30th, 2013 - Day 4)  

It's now 7:30 PM EST on Saturday night and here I'll show you how to feed baby beardie rescues.  They are still a little too weak to eat on their own so I help them out.  This way I know they are eating as much as they can. They're steadily improving in health and alertness in only 3 1/2 days since I got them at noon on Wednesday.   (Sat.Nov.30th, 7:30 PM EST, 2013 - Day 4) 

2 baby beardie rescues sleeping on Annie's shoulder

My 2 baby beardie rescues, Bubba (upper) and Brownie (lower), sleeping on my shoulder after a big Saturday night supper of baby food and Phoenix Worms. They were laying an inch or so apart, but then snuggled up together. It was so cute to see them cuddling up and then putting their little arms on each other's shoulders!!!   (Sat.Nov.30th, 8:30 PM EST, 2013 - Day 4) 

 Baby Bearded Dragon Rescues (day 5) 

<<  Hi again, it's Sunday night (day five of this rescue) and I just fed my 2 baby beardie rescues some baby food (chicken) for protein, and electrolytes and water for hydration. They are now readily accepting food at mealtime. Bubba has gained 1 gram and Brownie 3 grams, since I first got them (on Wed. Nov.27th), but Brownie is still suffering from impaction.  I am bathing him 3-4 times a day and massaging his belly to help him pass his stool but he's having a very hard time!!!

Cheers! Annie  (Sun.Dec.1st, 8:15 PM EST, 2013 - Day 5) 

Baby Bearded Dragon Rescues (day 6)

I have sad news ... Brownie just passed away a few minutes ago.

He had made a marked improvement, over the past 5 days since I got him, but his right hand and his tail had remained paralyzed. He had eaten a good supper tonight and passed a little stool, in his evening warm bath, but he was still suffering from impaction ... darn mealworms and crickets (they are so hard on baby beardies - they should never be fed as a main staple diet).  Anyway, he quietly passed away in his sleep around 10:45 PM tonight.  I really was hoping he could be saved and I am so sad that he did not make it.  I will really miss the little guy.  His sister Bubba still seems to be doing OK ... I'll keep you updated.  

 (Mon.Dec.2nd, 11:05 PM EST, 2013 - Day 6) 

March 4th, 2014, here is Bubba on her toy skateboard 
Bubba (my Bearded Dragon) on skateboard
bubba at 6months on scale - 129 grams

 April 18th, 2014 Bubba is now almost 6 months old and her weight is now up to 129 grams ...  and she is very active.

Bubba (our rescued bearded dragon) 8 months old at 250 grams
Baby Bearded Dragon 'Bubba' on kitchen scale - at 5 nths (70 grams)

Update: March 15th 2014 - Age: 5 months.  Bubba is doing really well, weighs in at 70 grams and loves running around our home.

See in video (below) how she loves Phoenix Worms, Silkworms, Hornworms, Superworms, Mealworms and mealworm pupae, Butterworms and Waxworms too!

April 18th, 2014, Bubba has her protein meal (worms) at lunch every day, and her greens at supper every night.  
Watch her eating her lunch (worms)!

 << June 12th, 2014:  Bubba is almost 8 months old and her weight is now up to a whopping 259 grams ... doubled fer weight in just two months.  She loves the outdoors, is playful and lots of fun.  She's a pretty girl, isn't she?

July 24th ... Bubba update: she is 9 1/2 months old and now weighs 362 grams, loves the outdoors and playing in the rain too! We have her out, on her leash, free-roaming almost every day. (see out leashes page)

Bubba on scale - 362 grams

Here is another video of her gulping down some of her favorites >>> 

Bearded Dragon Bathing and Socialisation

I've come to realize that many Bearded Dragon owners do not know, or realize, that they should bathe their juvenile beardies every 2-3 days ... so I've made this video to show you how easy, and fun, it is for both you and your dragon.

Bathing will serve many purposes: hydrate; aid in shedding; encourage positive human interaction; help elimination (pooping); and, gentle stomach and abdominal massaging in warm water will very often help a dragon dislodge and pass possible impaction.

In fact there are NO negatives, only positives, since this really helps in making a super friendly and sociable adult dragon that everyone will be able to enjoy. 

Here I am bathing Mickey, a 5 month old rescue, who did not like being handled much until now.  She' come a long way in just a couple of days.


Bathing 'Mickey' (here she is just 4 months of age)

Giving Bearded Dragons their medications

Giving 'Mickey' her medication (she's just 5 1/2 months old)

Giving my bearded dragon 'Beastie' his medication (he's now 5 years old) 

Hi, Annie again here ... 

In these videos I show you how to give your bearded dragons their medications. If you have properly socialized your dragons, by regular contact and handling, this will be a very easy task to get done.

As always let me know if you have any questions or comments, I love hearing from you.

Annie 'The Worm Lady'

In my last video 'meds for Beastie' (lower left) I showed you how my husband Peter and I gave our bearded dragon Beastie his oral meds.  In this next video, I'm going to show you how I do this alone, with no one to assist me or help me, because sometimes you need to get it done on your own, right?

Cheers, Annie Brenner "The Worm Lady'

Giving my 'Beastie' his final medication treatment (by myself - all alone)

Bearded Dragon Care videos


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