BUBBA our rescue beardie ... 

'Bubba' at 6 months ... eats anything we feed her ... (May 15-2014)

Bubba was 2 months old when she was given to us ... having seizures, partially paralyzed (her back legs were limp from impaction) and too weak to take any food ...

She only weighed 6 grams (which is only an average hatching weight) which indicates that she had never grown at all.  

Four of Her 6 siblings had already died (from impaction of a diet of mealworms and crickets), and her two brothers - given to us the same day - were so badly impacted that they also both died within a day of each other

Annie was able to start her off with baby food (by serrynge) in order for her to regain enough strength to start eating on her own. Then Annie began feeding her ReptiWorms, small Horned worms and Silkworms, small superworms, Waxworms, and mealworms (freshly shed ones only). 

Bubba quickly recovered, gaining energy and weight daily, and never had any more seizures. 

She now is a ravenous eater, and by the way, she loves climbing up curtains to perch on the curtain rod - to have her nap up there out of the way.

She now weighs 129 grams (a gain of 123 grams in just 6 months) which proves that a proper - balanced diet - makes all the difference in the world.

(May 15-2014)

'Brownie' (left) and sister 'Bubba' (right) - Nov.15-2013

'Bubba'... one week later - Nov 22-2015 

 ‘black soldier fly larvae’ (ReptiWorms).

The larva of the black soldier fly is now recognized by many authorities to be one of the very best live feeders available for herps, birds and aquatics, because of the 1.5 -to- 1.0 Phosphorous/Calcium ratio (found only in BSFL) that is so crucial in the rearing of healthy reptiles, and it's low fat content.  This is the ideal 'Live Feeder' worm (grub) for lizards, fish, birds, frogs, and semi-aquatics.

Always remember that, in their natural habitat, bearded dragons can find 40 to 50 different types of insects, grubs, flies, etc. so it is essential for us to provide a good variety of live feeder insects to ensure a healthy diet for our beardies.

'The Worm Lady' puts a leash on her bearded dragon  

 Published on Mar 20, 2015

Annie 'The worm lady' shows you how to put a leash on a bearded dragon that is not fully cooperating - the leash allows reptiles like beardies, chams, geckos, and iguanas to safely free-roam - without fear of losing them...
This Leather Cord Leash is the safest and most comfortable leash available for beardies - and the easiest to get on as well!
See Annie's Lizard Leashes at: http://thewormlady.ca/leashes.php


 Small/Medium size:

125 for $8.40 (6.7 cent ea.)   //   250 for $16.00 (6.4 cent ea.)   //   500 for $30.00 (6.0 cent ea.)

750 for $40.50 (5.4 cent ea.)   //   1000 for $50.0(5.0 cent ea.)   //   1500 for $69.00 (4.6 cent ea.)


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