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 Description and Live Delivery Guarantee

 Our Premium Disease Free, Pest Free, Live Worm Feeders and Crickets.  You choose the size!

  • Many worm and/or cricket farmers have tried but few have succeeded in producing a feeder worm, or cricket that is as healthy and hearty as ours. We cut no corners when it comes to raising our feeders.  If you ordered from other sources in the past, you will appreciate The Worm Lady's premium quality live feeders and professional package that gets delivered to you.
  • All live worm sizes and cricket sizes are available to you from The Worm Lady...
  • Check out sizes and costs on our PRICE LIST here: Worms: Sizes and Prices
  • Buy in bulk for an even better value. Just contact us for volume purchase pricing: (226) 315-0191 / mobile Annie (226) 787-8286

 Live Delivery Guarantee when following these guidelines:

  • Choose Winter Packaging if temperatures are below 50F and above 30F.
  • No ordering of live feeders if your transit night time temperatures are below 30 degrees F (if you order, we will ship with no guarantee)
  • Selection of "Next Day Air" Shipping service (Standard Ground "Next Day" Shipping in Southern Ontario and Western Quebec)

 What if my live feeders arrive dead?

  • When worms get cold they go into a dormant state.  Prior to calling us heat your worms up to room temperature for around an hour and most times they will come back to life.

 How long can I keep my worms alive?

  • The life span of worms does vary from one species to another.  Some will only live a few days while others will be alive and healthy for weeks.  Your goal should be to order enough worms to last you for around 1 month. Some soft bodied worms, such as silkworms, have a short life span while others, like butterworms, will live for 2-3 months in your refrigerator. Worms with an exoskeleton, such as superworms, mealworms, and crickets, can live 3-6 weeks quite happily, if properly fed and hydrated. 
  • Try ordering more small/medium sized worms and let them grow into larger ones.  You'll find that your trip to Pet Smart to buy crickets at 12 cents each will be over for good!  
  • Check out our Feeders Nutritional Info Page for the life duration of your Live Worms.

  • All of the products you need to feed your worms for that month are available from The Worm Lady.  Just e-mail or call us for advice.
  • (Getting creative with apples and oranges only leads to a smelly worm container.)

e-Mail Annie at: [email protected]

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Suppliers/Breeders of high quality live feeders :

'Phoenix Worms' lack soldier fly larvae, silkworms, hornworms, butterworms, waxworms, superworms, crickets, mealworms

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