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The Worm Lady - Hornworms 

Hornworms | Great live feeders for Hydration and Nutrition

HornWorms Are Enticing and Nutritious!


Hornworms are one of the Top 3 Live Feeders you can feed to your reptile pets. Horned Worms make very nutritious live feeders for all your reptiles and all sizes of lizards, fish, frogs, hens, birds, turtles, etc...They provide excellent hydration, Calcium (4.6%), Protein (9%) with a low fat (3%) content.


At The Worm Lady we buy all of our Horn Worms from a registered grower who provides us the #1 best top quality hornworms available in all sizes, from 1" snack-sized to impressive 3.5"- 4" Goliath-meal-sized.  

The Worm Lady #1 Best Top-Quality Horned worms are definitely one of the best live feeder insects and a great food item for your reptiles and amphibians' nutrition and hydration as a part of a well-balanced diet.  

Since hornworms have no chitin or exoskeleton (the hard shell) they are easy to digest and there is no worry about impaction in your juvenile reptile pets.  When horn worms are fed their proper diet (our tan-coloured horn worm chow special recipe), they possess a healthy nutritional content of: 9% Protein, 3.07% Fat, 46.4mg/100g Calcium, and 85% Moisture.

Hornworms are hardy, easy to keep, very low maintenance, and are a wonderful feeder to help ensure your exotic's proper hydration. Many bearded dragons will rarely drink water from a dish, since it is unnatural for them to do so, and get badly dehydrated.  Hornworms get the job done in hydrating your lizards because they are very high in moisture.  

The Worm Lady's hornworms will keep up to three weeks (refrigerated at 50-55F) if you get them medium sized (1.25"-2.0" long - in their 3rd instar) and feed them our special hornworm yellow chow. 

The Worm Lady's 'Best Top Quality Hornworms' are easily digested and are often used to break a hunger strike, or for recovering reptiles, and are great live feeder insects which should be a part of your exotic’s highly nutritious regular balanced-diet.  With their enticing teal colour and  black and white stripes that exaggerate their movements, hornworms will be pounced on in no time flat!


SMALL  - $0.75 ea.  /  MEDIUM  - $0.95 ea.  /  LARGE  - $1.15 ea.  /  X LARGE - $1.25 ea. 

Prepared HORNWORM CHOW (yellow – keeps for up to 4 weeks in the fridge)
2 oz - $4.00  /  4 oz - $7.00  / 8 oz - $13.00  / 16 oz - $24.00

Uncooked Yellow Chow Powder - $23.00 / 1/2 lb (8 oz) - makes 2 lbs Cooked Chow (32 oz)
 Yellow Chow Powder - $45.00 / lb (16 oz) - makes 4 lbs Cooked Chow (64 oz)

Horned Worms make very nutritious live feeders for all your reptiles and all sizes of lizards, fish, frogs, hens, birds, turtles, etc...: 

The Worm Lady horned worm sizes are:

                  FEBRUARY 2019 SPECIAL

2nd instar: Small         @ $0.74 ea.

3rd instar: Med.           @ $0.83 ea.

4th instar: Large          @ $0.99 ea.

5th instar: X Large       @ $1.13 ea.

Horned worms in their natural habitat do not only feed on tomato and tobacco plants, but all plants in the Solanaceae family which also include: potato, peppers, eggplant, deadly nightshade, petunia, nicotiana, Datura (aka thorn apple or jimson weed).


Important note

The foliage and stems of all of those plants (listed above) are TOXIC TO SECONDARY FEEDERS - YOUR CHAMELEON, BEARDED DRAGON, and most herps, reptiles and exotics!  

Always buy horned worm live feeders only from reputable breeders/suppliers that grow tobacco horned worms in a controlled environment, free of dangerous pesticides and away from any plants, and fed only with the Special Hornworm Yellow Chow to insure the horned worms will be healthy and safe for your pets.

Horned worm Life-Cycle





Special #1 - BSFL Black Soldier Fly Larvae

125 Assorted Size for  $  8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea.)

250 Assorted Size for  $ 16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea.)

500 Assorted Size for  $ 30.00 ( only 6.0 cents ea.)

750 Assorted Size for  $ 40.50 ( only 5.4 cents ea.)

1000 Assorted Size for $ 50.00 ( only 5.0 cents ea.)

1250 Assorted Size for $ 60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea.)

1500 Assorted Size for $ 69.00 ( only 4.6 cents ea.)

1750 Assorted Size for $ 78.75 ( only 4.5 cents ea.)

2000 Assorted Size for $ 88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea.)

2500 Assorted Size for $107.50 ( only 4.3 cents ea.)

3000 Assorted Size for $126.00 ( only 4.2 cents ea.)

3500 Assorted Size for $143.50 ( only 4.1 cents ea.)

3750 Assorted Size for $150.00 ( only 4.0 cents ea.)

4000 Assorted Size for $156.00 ( only 3.9 cents ea.)

         4500 Assorted Size for $171.00 ( only 3.8 cents ea.)

Special #2 - SILKWORMS

6 Small for $4.00  ( only 67 cents ea.)

6 Med for   $4.85  ( only 81 cents ea.)

6 Large for $5.85  ( only 97 cents ea.)

6 X-Large for $6.45  ( only $1.07 ea.)

Special #3 - HORNWORMS

6 Small for $4.45  ( only 74 cents ea.)

6 Med for   $5.00  ( only 83 cents ea.)

6 Large for $5.95  ( only 99 cents ea.)

6 X-Large for $6.75  ( only $1.13 ea.)

Special #4 - MEALWORMS

100 for   $ 2.20  ( only 2.2 cents ea.)

250 for   $ 5.25  ( only 2.1 cents ea.)

500 for   $10.00  ( only 2.0 cents ea.)

750 for   $14.25  ( only 1.9 cents ea.)

1000 for $17.00  ( only 1.7 cents ea.)

1250 for $20.00  ( only 1.6 cents ea.)

1500 for $22.50  (only 1.5 cents ea.)

1500 for $22.50  (only 1.5 cents ea.)

Special #5 - WAXWORMS

  50 for  $ 4.50 (only 9.0 cents ea.)

  75 for  $ 6.45  ( only 8.6 cents ea.)

100 for  $ 8.20  ( only 8.2 cents ea.)

150 for  $11.55  ( only 7.7 cents ea.)

250 for  $17.00  ( only 6.8 cents ea.)

500 for  $31.50  ( only 6.3 cents ea.)

750 for  $44.25  ( only 5.9 cents ea.)

1000 for $57.00  ( only 5.7 cents ea.)

1250 for $70.00  ( only 5.6 cents ea.)

1500 for $82.50  ( only 5.5 cents ea.)

1750 for $94.50  ( only 5.4 cents ea.)

2000 for $106.00  ( only 5.3 cents ea.)

Special #6 - SUPERWORMS

 100 for $ 6.00  ( only 6.0 cents ea.)

 250 for $14.25  ( only 5.7 cents ea.)

 500 for $26.50  ( only 5.3 cents ea.)

 750 for $35.25  ( only 4.7 cents ea.)

1000 for $37.00 ( only 3.7 cents ea.)

1500 for $52.50 ( only 3.5 cents ea.)

2000 for $66.00 ( only 3.3 cents ea.)

3000 for $93.00 (only 3.1 cents ea.)

Special #7 - CRICKETS

  100 for   $ 6.60  ( only 6.6 cents ea.)

  250 for  $15.50  ( only 6.2 cents ea.)

  500 for  $27.50  ( only 5.5 cents ea.)

1000 for  $43.00  ( only 4.3 cents ea.)

2000 for  $76.00  ( only 3.8 cents ea.)

Special #8 - BUTTERWORMS



 15 for   $ 9.75  ( only 65.0 cents ea.) 

 20 for   $12.80  ( only 64.0 cents ea.)

  25 for  $15.75  ( only 63.0 cents ea.)

  30 for  $18.90  ( only 62.0 cents ea.)

35 for  $21.35  ( only 61.0 cents ea.)

40 for  $23.00  ( only 60.5 cents ea.)

45 for  $25.65  ( only 60.0 cents ea.)

50 for  $29.75  ( only 59.5 cents ea.)

Special #9 - RED WIGGLERS

1 Tub - 24 for $  6.45  ( only 26.9 cents ea.)

2 Tubs - 48 for $ 12.85  ( only 26.8 cents ea.)

3 Tubs - 72 for $ 19.25  ( only 26.7 cents ea.)

4 Tubs - 96 for $ 25.60  ( only 26.7 cents ea.)

5 Tubs - 120 for $ 31.95 ( only 26.7 cents ea.)

10 Tubs - 240 for $ 63.75 ( only 26.6 cents ea.)

Special #10 - NIGHT CRAWLERS

1 Tub - 12 for $  2.89  ( only 24.1 cents ea.)

2 Tubs - 24 for $  5.75  ( only 24.0 cents ea.)

3 Tubs - 36 for $  8.50  ( only 23.6 cents ea.)

4 Tubs - 48 for $ 11.25  ( only 23.4 cents ea.)

5 Tubs - 60 for $ 13.95 ( only 23.3 cents ea.)

10 Tubs - 120 for $ 27.00 ( only 22.5 cents ea.)


PRICING: Prices posted in this website are subject to change without notice.




PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS on prepaid orders.  If by chance you find dead grubs upon opening the box please email photo same day for credit on your next order.

NOTE: Processing and shipping of your order may be delayed when temperatures go below 45 F (8 C) or above 75 F (23 C).

Customer Testimonial

Hey Annie and Peter I got the package ... everything is A OK!  Just wanted to say thanks, you guys were really helpful and our talk on the phone was really nice, you gave great advice!  

I will be doing business with you again and again :)  This is a picture of Gemma. She's about 8 months.  You guys are awesome, thanks again! "

Ryan A.    Toronto (Scarborough) Ontario

Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:42pm

The Worm Lady 'HornWorm Feeder Pod '

Our 'HornWorm Feeder Pod' will allow you to purchase more hornworms at one time (saving $$ on volume discount pricing and shipping costs), and more importantly, keep your hornworms healthy for up to three weeks (also saving you additional trips to the local pet store).  Your vented lid 'hornworm feeder pod' is reusable so you only need to buy it once and then refill it as needed.
The Worm Lady's vented 'HornWorm Feeder Pod' comes in two sizes (16oz and 32oz) with enough Custom Yellow Chow to feed your HornWorms for the duration by alternately refrigerating them two to three days (dormant) and then keeping them out at room temperature for one day (awake and feeding), and so on, until they get all used up (depending on how fast your animals gobble them up!)
The hornworms become dormant while refrigerated which slows their growth, aging and their progression to the eventual fifth and final instar (where they become a pupa), just before turning into the moth stage. So, keeping your horworms in our vented  'Feeder Pod' allows you to virtually eliminate mortality rates and keep your hornworms twice as long from the third to fifth instar, in a healthy environment, saving you money while giving your exotic a great quality, nutritious and gut loaded live feeder insect.
16oz 'HornWorm Feeder Pod' with Yellow Chow

16oz 'HornWorm Feeder Pod' with Yellow Chow

See Pricing here Price List

32 oz feed pod

48 oz Feeder Pod (can hold up to 50 small or 35 medium hornworms)

48 oz Feed Pod with 12 medium Hornworms and Chow >> 

 Self contained, and easy to maintain, our  'Hornworm  Feeder-Pods'  make keeping fresh, live Hornworm feeders on hand so easy!!

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Hornworm Facts

Manduca sexta, referred to as the tobacco hornworm (caterpillar) or as the hawkmoth or sphinx moth (adult), is a common insect in a wide variety of habitats, such as tobacco fields and vegetable gardens.  They are called hornworms because, as is common in the Sphingidae family, they have a conspicuous horn or spine on the top of the last abdominal segment.  This horn is actually just flesh and is completely harmless.  The tobacco hornworm is more common in the southern United States, especially the Gulf Coast states. Its range extends northward to New York. It also ranges south through Mexico and the West Indies to Argentina. 

Although hornworms are excellent live feeders for your pets, they are considered a nuisance to farmers and can do severe damage to crops...NEVER release the worm, pupae or moth into the wild.  Also, never feed wild caught insects of any kind to your pet: they are carriers of disease, pesticides and/or poisons.

Hornworms grow into large soft bodied caterpilllars, similar to silkworms, but they are bright teal (when fed our 'Yellow Chow') and grow even bigger and faster. Their bright teal colour makes them great for stimulating a feeding response in fussy eaters and reptiles on hunger strike.  Hornworms are a great live feeder and are a great way to hydrate your exotics, and provide the nutrition and variety they need, and are truly relished by a wide variety of insectivores, including chameleons, bearded dragons, all kinds of lizards, frogs, birds, even sugar gliders and hedgehogs! 

Tobacco Hornworm climbing a branch

Hornworm climbing a branch

Manduca sexta, commonly known as the tobacco hornwormis a moth of the family Sphingidae present through much of the American continent.  Hornworms have a short life cycle, lasting about 30 to 50 days.  Buy enough worms to feed your pet for a week and a half (at the most for 12-15 days) or you can use The Worm Lady's 'HornWorm Feeder Pod' to properly house and keep them healthy for three weeks, or even longer.

Note: you can keep your hornworms longer by refrigerating them (between 50F-55F - no colder). Take them out about 1/2 hour before feeding, to get them warmed up before feeding to your pet, so that your exotic can digest them properly.

Hornworm life cycle from worm, pupa and moth

Tobacco worm life-cycle: pupa, moth, hornworm

Small hornworm (1

Small Hornworm 1.0"- 1.5"    ( 2nd instar ) 10-14 day life-span

medium hornworm (1.5

Medium Hornworm 1.5"- 2.3"  ( 3rd instar ) 7-10 day life-span

Large hornworm (2.3

Large Hornworm 2.3"- 3.2"  ( 4th instar )    4-7 day life-span

XL hornworm (3.2

X Large Hornworm 3.2"- 4.3"  (5th instar) 

3-4 day life-span

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge hornworms

Small - Medium - Large - XLarge - hornworms

3 hornworms on a ruler: S, M, L

Hornworms: Large 3.1", Medium 1.8", Small 1.2" 

Hornworms are good Live Feeder Insects that supply necessary nutrition and hydration your reptile pets need to stay healthy

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We ship products Canada-Wide using mainly FedEx and Canada Post but we reserve the right to use the carrier of our choice.

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