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Hand-Made Leather Cord Leashes  (examples

The Worm Lady's leashes feature a proven safe and comfortable Loop Harness which quickly and easily fits on the lizard's body just ahead the the hind legs - at the hips (just like a seat belt).  This positioning places the loop well away from the vent and as such will not get dragged through the mess.  This is by far the best positioning as it will not impede their ability to breathe, eat, or move about.  They can comfortably walk, climb, swim, and bask.  Other leashes and harnesses need to be replaced or modified as your pet grows.  NOT OURS!

The Worm Lady's Leashes are fully adjustable: they'll fit a small a 75 gram juvenile beardie or gecko, as well as a 3 pound iguana.  And speaking of iguanas, have you noticed what most of the leashes and harnesses do to their spines?  OUCH !!!  If you loosen the harness to avoid crushing the spines you stand the risk of loosing you 'ig'.  If you make the harness tight enough to prevent escape you risk injury to your pet ...

We also know how important UVA/UVB is to our beloved reptiles.  Many of the harnesses and leashes out there seem to cover a fair amount of the lizard's body/torso.  This surely reduces the absorption of the all-important and so beneficial UVA/B rays.  Ours does not!

The Worm Lady's Fully Adjustable Loop Harness  has solved all of these serious concerns once and for all.

PLEASE NOTE> We now carry ONLY 4 colors of Leather Cord (by popular demand): Black, Brown, Tan, and Bronze

Leather cord leash (Gold)
Leather cord leash (Pink)
Leather cord leash (Silver)
Leather cord leash (Blue)

 The Worm Lady will create a bearded dragon leash for any size lizard ... big or small!

  1. Colorful Ultra-Bright-Light-Weight  Ribbon Leads  for the smallest lizards, 
  2. 2 mm  Standard-Weight  Leather Cord Leashes  for small to medium lizards,
  3. 4 mm  Heavy-Duty  Leather Cord Leashes  for the larger lizards
Leather cord leash (Lilac)
Leather cord leash (Pearl White)
Leather cord leash (Black)
Leather cord leash (Yellow)
Leather cord leash (Burgundy Red)
Gold Leather cord leash (on bearded dragon)
White 'Ribbon Lead'
Black leather cord leash

 The Worm Lady  Leather Cord leashes and Ribbon Leads:  YOU choose the length, the color, the style, the hardware, the beading, etc ... you'll get your very own Custom-Made Leash - and at a truly affordable price too!

Additionallyif you`d prefer your Worm Lady Fully Adjustable Leash be made from a material other than leather, please let us know.  We'll do our very best to accommodate your request and adjust/modify the cost accordingly.

Leather cord leash (Black skulls bracelet)
Gold leather cord leash
Silver leather cord leash
White leather cord leash on bearded dragon
Leather cord leash (light green)
Leather cord leash (Royal Blue)
Leather cord leash (White)
Leather cord leash (Beaded Bracelet)
Leather cord leash (Blue-grey)
Leather cord leash (Bright Yellow)
Leather cord leash (Burgundy)
Leather cord leash (Lavender)
Leather cord leashed (2mm Gold on left / 4mm Black on right)
2mm black Leather cord leash with pink Ladybug beaded bracelet
Ladybug bracelet on leather cord leash

 PLEASE NOTEleashes are not right for every lizard.  if you have a lizard with delicate skin or one that might drop its tail if startled or stressed, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT attempt to use any kind of leash.  However, if your lizard is healthy and likes being held and taken out of its enclosure, then The Worm Lady's  'Ultra-Light Bright Ribbon Lead for indoor use, or the  'Light-Weight Bright Leather Cord Leash'  for indoor/outdoor use, is for you!  Your little guy can now more safely wander around, on the bed or the floor with the Ribbon Lead, or outdoors with a Bright Leather Cord Leash on him, to help you keep track of where he darts off to when you take your eyes off him for just ten seconds to read a quick text message!!!  These Bright leads and leashes are ideal for socializing small lizards safely while giving you peace of mind when you let them free-roam.

 Note: The Worm Lady strives to create and provide totally Green Products. We diligently searched and identified a leather cord supplier that has always used the most environmentally friendly dyes and chemicals.  All of our leather at The Worm Lady is free of: Lead, AZO's, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI, Cadmium, and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals, and exceeds standards set out by the US, the UK, The European Union, and the German Goods Ordinance as well as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  Additionally, our beads, clasps, and other metals used in our leashes are free from Lead, Cadmium and Nickel.   Certification is available upon request.

At The Worm Lady  we - USE ... REUSE ... and RECYCLE ... everything!     We operate a Totally GREEN  All-Canadian Business.

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Leather Cord Lizard Leashes 




We ship products Canada-Wide using mainly FedEx and Canada Post but we reserve the right to use the carrier of our choice. You can estimate your shipping charges at any time before ordering by using "contact us" --> Estimate Shipping.  Replacements of DOA feeders are allowed within 24 hours of receiving products.  Items must be photographed for proof of death and sent by e-mail to: [email protected].  We will issue a replacement product with your next order.  We cannot refund shipping charges.  See our shipping policy and terms of service.

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