Crickets are omnivorous scavengers by nature so they will eat just about anything available, including other crickets, which means you must be very careful about how you house and feed them.  You’ll want to feed them a highly nutritious diet, especially if they're going to be consumed by your reptiles or amphibians.  There are many options for feeding your live crickets.  Crickets need a dry source of food, as well as a watery or fresh source of hydration.  You can pick up most of these dry foods in pet shops and also be sure to give them some of the wet foods, in order to give your crickets a balanced diet, which will also better nourish your reptiles or amphibians.

Here are some of the best dry foods you can feed your crickets:

1.  Crushed cat food, dog food, chicken feed  ( if possible, you’ll want to use vegetable based feed)

2.  Cricket chow – this is commercially produced cricket feed found for sale at any place that sells crickets.  (Try our 'Cricket Custom-Blended Premium Dry Food ' - see below)

3.  Mixed seeds and nuts  -  unsalted raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts

4.  Alfalfa – course ground or powdered

5.  Wheat Bran – See The Worm Lady's special fresh ground blend (on sale below)

And here are some of the best fresh raw foods you can feed your crickets:

1.  Greens – romaine lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion leaves, broccoli

2.  Potatoes – These are a cricket favorite.  They enjoy sweet potatoes even more.

3.  Carrots – These are very good since they generally will not get moldy.

4.  Fruits  – apples, oranges, grapefruits, berries, mango, papaya, banana

Dairy products are also used as part of the dry or wet food sources.  Dry milk is quite often used as an ingredient in cricket gut loading food recipes.

'Gut-Loading' is the term used to describe the process of stuffing your crickets with good quality, nutritious foods (natural, whole, fresh foods are the best) before you feed those crickets to your lizards, frogs, or any other pets.  Typically a gut load will consist of a mixture of all of the healthiest foods you are already feeding to your crickets.   The only difference between regular feeding and gut loading is, when you gut load, you are combining several different and multiple types of foods together, all in one feeding, to super-load the nutritional value in those crickets.

Crickets should be served a gut load regularly for a few days before they are fed to your pets.  If you gut load them too soon, you’ll be wasting it, but if you don’t gut load soon enough there will not be enough nutrients in your crickets to pass on to your pets, for a good, nutritious feed.