Medium ReptiWorm beside penny

  Medium ReptiWorms™  100 ct tub for $9.50

 MEDIUM  ReptiWorms™ measure approx 1/2 to 9/16 of a inch long.  (not wiggly but still mobile)

They are the perfect feeder insect for juvenile bearded dragons, small lizards, skinks, geckos, chameleons and turtles. 

These are naturally high in Calcium.
They have the ideal 1.43:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio
They constantly wiggle around, almost like a Mexican jumping bean!
They do not crawl out of their dish like Super worms tend to do.  With a dry bowl they will stay in the dish for more than enough time.

These are the perfect live feeder for the person looking to replace their crickets, superworms, mealworms and wax worms.
Approximate Quantity Code Price Weight
100ct RWM-100 $9.50 0.13lb / 58gr
200ct RWM-200 $17.95 0.25lb / 114gr
460ct RWM-460 $29.95 0.50lb / 227gr
1,000ct RWM-1000 $59.95 1.00lb / 454gr


ReptiWorms ™

   Maintenance-free live-feeders ... 

ReptiWorms in 250 ct Tubs

RWES-250  Extra-Small  $14.50

RWS-250  Small  $16.50

RWM-250  Medium  $23.50 

RWL-250  Large  $24.50 

The ReptiWorm should be high on the ‘regular Live feeder’ list of every reptile, amphibian or exotic's diet!

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ReptiWorms™ -  a high calcium/low phosphorous worm, perfect for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, fish and birds! 


Please NOTE:  Large ReptiWorms are in their 5th instar (last growth stage) and are in the least mobile larvae stage as they approach pupation - the cocoon - before morphing into the black soldier fly.  If you need wiggly and mobile ReptiWorms please order the Extra Small or Small sized ones.

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