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Red Oscar Fish

Red Oscar

Feeding Your Oscar Fish

Your Oscar fish is now housed in a nice big aquarium that gives it plenty of room to swim around and you are now going about to address its dietary needs.  The biggest mistake you can make is feeding your Oscar unhealthy and unsuitable foods.  Give your Oscar Fish its best chance in life by feeding it appropriate and healthy foods at all times.  An unhealthy diet can certainly contribute to illness and disease.  Many people think illness is caused by poor water conditions, however, a poor diet my be the real culprit, puttinh yout Oscar at risk of developing horrible diseases.

What do Oscars eat?

In their natural habitat Oscars eat a wide variety of insects and crustaceans.  While Oscars in the wild eat many types of live foods, not all live foods are good for them.  Some prey are too large and thus not appropriate for them. 

In captivity you can provide your Oscars with a good quality Cichild pellets (70-80% of diet), and the proper sized insects and grubs to complement a healthy dietary plan that provides variety and good nutrition.

Recommended live foods include: Mealworms (Live or dries), Mealworm beetles, Crickets, Black Soldier Fly larvae, Mussels, Plankton, Prawns, Shrimp and small fish.

How Much and How Often Should I Feed My Oscar?

If you choose to feed your Oscar live foods you should add only four to six feeder grubs, or one or two feeder fish at mealtime.  Too many will have definite drawbacks, such as: An unbalanced diet, obesity, possibly a deadly ammonia surge by overcrowding the tank, more frequent water changes, and disease introduced form the live feeder fish.

How Much to Feed?

A juvenile Oscar will measure less than four inches.  These are fast growing fish so the smaller Oscars need to eat much more often - 3 to 4 feedings per day - until the stomach looks somewhat rounded.

Oscars four inches and over only need 2 feeding per day.

Year old Oscars - adults - feed only once a day, maximum, and do best when fed four days a week, giving the digestive track a day to completely clear before resuming feedings .

When Your Oscar Stops Eating

Your Oscar may stop eating for a variety of reasons but it usually signals that something is not right.  Test the tank water pH should be between 6.0 and 8.0), and try a different type of food.  If water pH is fine and you have tried a different food and your Oscar still will not eat then stop feeding for a few days.  A healthy Oscar will resume eating when food is reintroduced.  If after taking these stepr your Oscar still will not eat please see your vet, or local aquarium shop expert.

Food Quality and Nutrition Are Key

Feeding your Oscar is not as difficult as it might seem.  Always choose top quality foods, and always feed a combination of live feeders and commercially prepared foods to ensure it gets a well-rounded, nutritional diet.  Watch when it eats and remove any uneaten foods two or three minutes to prevent fouling the tank.  If your Oscar looks great, alert, active and healthy, you've most likely attained a good food combination and feeding schedule.

These simple suggestions can really help your Oscar live a healthy, long life. 


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