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Our rescued bearded dragon 'Bubba' ... a testimonial proof of the 'miracle working' Live Feeder : Reptiworms 

Bubba was given to us on November 28th-2013 - along with her two brothers, all on the verge of death - ... she was 2 months old and still only weighed 6.5 grams (just a gram over hatching weight) and her back legs were paralyzed, and she was having seizures. Four of her siblings had already died and their owner was at a complete loss ... so she gave us the last 3 living ones hoping that it was not too late to possibly save one or two of them.  They had never been provided any UVA/UVB lighting or enough heat, and only fed mealworms and pinhead crickets, so their food was not being digested at all (just rotting in their bellies), they had never gained any weight and they were are severely impacted.  Her brother 'Blackie' had his spine broken from impaction (just before the back legs) and he died just a few hours after we got them. 

Annie immediately started bathing the two survivors in warm water and 'Pedialite' to rehydrate them and induce bowel movements, and began to feed them soft baby foods - using and eye dropper - since they were much too weak to even eat small worms or pinhead crickets on their own.  Annie repeated the process 6-8 times a day (for the first 2 days) and by the end of the 3rd day Bubba had regained enough strength to begin eating on her own.  Her two other siblings unfortunately were too far gone to survive by the time we got them.  As already mentioned, one died just a few hours after we got the 3 breardies, and the other one only lived six days and died of severe impaction (he had a large bump on his spine at the back legs/tail junction and was also paralyzed).  That little guy must have been in a lot of pain ... it was so sad to see them like this. 

Below is a picture of Bubba and Brownie after their first eye dropper feeding on their 1st night with us.

2 baby beardies asleep on Annie's neck

Bubba (lower right) at 6.5 grams, and her brother Brownie (left side) at 7 grams, napping on Annie's neck after supper  

Annie feeding 'Brownie' and 'Bubba' with ReptiWorms and baby food on day 4 of her rescue mission

But Bubba had made it back!  

In her second week was when we began her staple diet of 'ReptiWorms', with a good variety of some other small, soft-bodied, worms: 'Silkworms', 'Hornworms', mealworm 'Larvae' and 'Waxworms'.  She made an amazing come back into a full recovery in no time flat.

Bubba at 70 grams (March 15-2014) 

(age 6 months)

Bubba on 3" skateboard ( March 2014) with bright ribbon lead - so we can find her in the house - she loves climbing to the top of the window curtains and sleep on the cutrain rod

 Bubba at 129 grams (Apr.18-2014) she's gained 59 grams in the last 24 days

(age 7 months)

Bubba bonded with Annie from the start ... since Annie handled and bathed her frequently every day, and Bubba was allowed very early to free-roam all over the house (wearing a bright ribbon lead so we could find her when hiding under furniture, or asleep on top of a curtain rod) thus being accustomed to people and quickly became well socialized and very friendly with anyone.

She became our favorite pet and many of our local customers would come by to pick up their order in order to visit with 'Bubba' 

Bubba's typical lunch (age: 7 mths): Waxworms, Superworms, Mealworm Larvae, Hornworms, etc.7 gr of Live Feeders (April 18-2014) 



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