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 NOTE:  After much thought, investigation and research ... we've made the switch    To all our loyal customers who are returning looking for REPTIWORMS®, we no longer carry that particular brand of Black Soldier Fly Larvae.  

Please note that we at  ‘The Worm Lady ’ are dedicated to providing you with the highest and most consistent quality products and are now offering the black soldier fly larvae grown at Texas A&M University Entomology Program for all those looking for this most nutritious live, small-feeder.  We are confident you will be very satisfied with our BSFL product, and welcome your feedback.*

Black soldier flyHermetia illucensis a common and widespread fly of the family Stratiomyidae. The larvae and adults are considered neither pests nor vectors.  Instead, black soldier fly larvae play a similar role to that of redworms (Red Wigglers) as essential decomposers in breaking down organic substrates and returning nutrients to the soil.  The larvae have voracious appetites and can be used for composting household food scraps and agricultural waste products (in warm climates of 80F -100 F).

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are an excellent source of sustainable protein for aqua culture, animal feed, pet and human nutrition. They are truly a Maintenance-Free grub and can last 4-5 weeks in the larva stage when kept dormant at 50-55 F 

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Regular Price #1 - BSFL Black Soldier Fly Larvae

125 Assorted Size for  $  8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 4.20 ( 3.4 cents per worm )

250 Assorted Size for  $ 16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 8.00 ( 3.2 cents per worm )

500 Assorted Size for  $ 30.00 ( only 6.0 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 15.00 ( 3.0 cents per worm )

750 Assorted Size for  $ 40.50 ( only 5.4 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 20.25 ( 2.7 cents per worm )

1000 Assorted Size for $ 50.00 ( only 5.0 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 25.00 ( 2.5 cents per worm )

1250 Assorted Size for $ 60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 30.00 ( 2.4 cents per worm )

1500 Assorted Size for $ 69.00 ( only 4.6 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 34.50 ( 2.3 cents per worm )

1750 Assorted Size for $ 78.75 ( only 4.5 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 39.38 ( 2.3 cents per worm )

2000 Assorted Size for $ 88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 44.00 ( 2.2 cents per worm )

2500 Assorted Size for $107.50 ( only 4.3 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 53.75 ( 2.2 cents per worm )

3000 Assorted Size for $126.00 ( only 4.2 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 63.00 ( 2.1 cents per worm )

3500 Assorted Size for $143.50 ( only 4.1 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 71.75 ( 2.1 cents per worm )

3750 Assorted Size for $150.00 ( only 4.0 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 75.00 ( 2.0 cents per worm )

4000 Assorted Size for $156.00 ( only 3.9 cents ea.) NOW ONLY $ 78.00 ( 2.0 cents per worm )

Phoenix Worms®, CalciWorms® and ReptiWorms™ are all brand names of the same species of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF Larvae) known as Hermetia illucens.



150th Anniversary 


ReptiWorms banner A
Reptiworms in tub


(500 Med.  $33.00

(only 5.4 cents / worm)

( 4 week supply for most lizards)



(only 5.25 cents / worm)

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   125 Assorted Size for  $   8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea.)
   250 Assorted Size for  $ 16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea.)
   500 Assorted Size for  $ 30.00 ( only 6.0 cents ea.)
   750 Assorted Size for  $ 40.50 ( only 5.4 cents ea.)
1000 Assorted Size for  $ 50.00 ( only 509 cents ea.)
1250 Assorted Size for  $ 60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea.)
1500 Assorted Size for $ 69.00 (only 4.6 cents ea.)
 2000 Assorted Size for  $ 88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea.) 
2500 Assorted Size for $107.50 ( only 4.3 cents ea.)
3000 Assorted Size for $126.00 ( only 4.2 cents ea.)
 3500 Assorted Size for $143.50 ( only 4.1 cents ea.) 

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(BSFL keep for weeks at room temp and even longer at temps of 51-60F/11-16C)



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BSFL are commercially available live feeder grubs produced in the USA. and are marketed and sold as :

 'Pheonix worms®', 'CalciWorms', or 'ReptiWorms™'

( 3 different brand names for the same grubs - Black Soldier Fly Larvae 'Hermetia illucens' )

FRIDAY, November 3, 2017  -  BLOW-OUT SPECIALS 

To order call Peter: (226) 787-8288 or order online via our contact us page

*** MEALWORMS: 250 COUNT TUB  $5.25 -  

$0.70 OFF our Regular Low Price of $5.85

2 cents/worm  (ONLY $2.00 / 100 worms)  ***until sold out

*** WAXWORMS: 250 COUNT TUB  $17.00 -  

$0.85 OFF our Regular Low Price of $17.85

5.8 cents/worm  (ONLY $5.89 / 100 worms)  ***until sold out

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Our 6 month old rescued beardie "Bubba' eating her regular lunch - she loves ReptiWorms, and all of my other worms too ! 

beardie eating ReptiWorms
Repiworms: Large, Medium, small beside penny

ReptiWorms: Large, Med, Small 

About ReptiWorms

  • ReptiWorms™ are naturally high in calcium, low in Phosphorous and low in fat.
  • No feeding, no maintenance to keep them.
  • Low die off/waste. Compare to Crickets.
  • No chirping like crickets, No Smell like Crickets.
  • Can be kept in their container, no setup required.
  • Raised on scientifically formulated feed, lab tested and proven to provide more nutrition than superworms.
  • They have an ideal 1.43:1 Calcium:Phosphorus ratio.
    (Between the Ca:P range of 1:1 to 2:1 as recommended by the herp community
  • They don't burrow as fast as superworms, they wiggle about which keeps herps interested
  • Contain high amounts of lauric acid which helps battle diseases such as Coccidia
  • Low maintenance, they can live for 2-3 weeks at room temperature and for months when cooled to 50-60 degrees F.
  • ReptiWorms ™ are perfect for the person looking for a cleaner and healthier live feeder alternative to crickets, superworms or mealworms.

NOTE: The Large Size ReptiWorms (black soldier fly larvae) are usually in their fifth instar and approaching pupa stage, and are not wiggly (many are immobile), so they should be fed first, unless you want to let them pupate into the flies for your herps to chase them and dine on.

If you're looking for lively and wiggly ones - please only order the Extra Small (very wiggly) or the Small sized ones (still wiggly) ... as the Medium sized ones are slow moving, and the Large sized ones are almost immobile, and nearing pupation.

ReptiWorms, Calciworms®, and Phoenix Worms®, are three different brand names for the ‘black soldier fly larvae’.

The larva of the black soldier fly is now recognized by many authorities to be one of the very best live feeders available for herps, birds and aquatics, because of the 1.5 -to- 1.0 Phosphorous/Calcium ratio (found only in BSFL) that is so crucial in the rearing of healthy reptiles, and it's low fat content.  This is the ideal 'Live Feeder' worm for lizards.  

ReptiWorms ™

Baby beardie eating Black Soldier Fly Larvae 1st time 

(BSFL are commercially available feeders produced in the USA. and are marketed and sold as :

 'Pheonix worms®', 'CalciWorms', or 'ReptiWorms™'

(3 different brand names for the same grubs)


Special #1 - BSFL Black Soldier Fly Larvae

125 Assorted Size for  $   8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea.)

250 Assorted Size for  $  16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea.)

500 Assorted Size for  $  30.00 ( only 6.0 cents ea.)

750 Assorted Size for  $  40.50 ( only 5.4 cents ea.)

1000 Assorted Size for $  50.00 ( only 5.0 cents ea.)

1250 Assorted Size for $  60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea.)

1500 Assorted Size for $  69.00 ( only 4.6 cents ea.)

1750 Assorted Size for $  78.75 ( only 4.5 cents ea.)

2000 Assorted Size for $  88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea.)

2500 Assorted Size for $ 107.50 ( only 4.3 cents ea.)

3000 Assorted Size for $ 126.00 ( only 4.2 cents ea.)

3500 Assorted Size for $ 143.50 ( only 4.1 cents ea.)

3750 Assorted Size for $ 150.00 ( only 4.0 cents ea.)

4000 Assorted Size for $ 156.00 ( only 3.9 cents ea.)

Special #2 - SILKWORMS

6 Small for  $ 3.75  ( only 63 cents ea.)

6 Med for    $ 4.75  ( only 79 cents ea.)

6 Large for  $ 5.35  ( only 89 cents ea.)

6 X-Large for $ 6.25 ( only $1.04 ea.)

Special #3 - HORNWORMS

6 Small for $ 3.85  ( only 64 cents ea.)

6 Med for   $ 4.80  ( only 80 cents ea.)

6 Large for $ 5.40  ( only 90 cents ea.)

6 X-Large for $ 6.30  ( only $1.05 ea.)

Special #4 - MEALWORMS

100 for   $  2.20  ( only 2.2 cents ea.)

250 for   $  5.25  ( only 2.1 cents ea.)

500 for   $ 10.00  ( only 2.0 cents ea.)

750 for   $ 14.25  ( only 1.9 cents ea.)

1000 for $ 17.00  ( only 1.7 cents ea.)

1250 for $ 20.00  ( only 1.6 cents ea.)

1500 for $ 22.50  (only 1.4 cents ea.)

1750 for $ 23.45  (only 1.34 cents ea.)

2000 for $ 26.20  (only 1.31 cents ea.

Special #5 - WAXWORMS

  50 for  $  4.50 (only 9.0 cents ea.)

  75 for  $  6.45  ( only 8.6 cents ea.)

100 for  $  8.20  ( only 8.2 cents ea.)

150 for  $ 11.55  ( only 7.7 cents ea.)

250 for  $ 17.00  ( only 6.8 cents ea.)

500 for  $ 31.50  ( only 6.3 cents ea.)

750 for  $ 44.25  ( only 5.9 cents ea.)

1000 for $ 57.00  ( only 5.7 cents ea.)

1250 for $ 70.00  ( only 5.6 cents ea.)

1500 for $ 82.50  ( only 5.5 cents ea.)

1750 for $ 94.50  ( only 5.4 cents ea.)

2000 for $106.00  ( only 5.3 cents ea.)

Special #6 - SUPERWORMS

 100 for $  6.00  ( only 6.0 cents ea.)

 250 for $ 14.25  ( only 5.7 cents ea.)

 500 for $ 26.50  ( only 5.3 cents ea.)

 750 for $ 35.25  ( only 4.7 cents ea.)

1000 for $ 37.00 ( only 3.7 cents ea.)

1500 for $ 52.50 ( only 3.5 cents ea.)

2000 for $ 66.00 ( only 3.3 cents ea.)

3000 for $ 93.00 (only 3.1 cents ea.)

Special #7 - CRICKETS

  100 for   $  6.60  ( only 6.6 cents ea.)

  250 for  $ 15.50  ( only 6.2 cents ea.)

  500 for  $ 27.50  ( only 5.5 cents ea.)

1000 for  $ 44.00  ( only 4.4 cents ea.)

2000 for  $ 82.00  ( only 4.1 cents ea.)

Special #8 - BUTTERWORMS

                                                             NO BUTTERWORMS AT THIS TIME

 20 for   $  9.60  ( only 48.0 cents ea.)

 25 for  $ 11.75  ( only 47.0 cents ea.)

 30 for  $ 13.80  ( only 46.0 cents ea.)

35 for  $ 15,75  ( only 45.0 cents ea.)

 40 for  $ 17.60  ( only 44.0 cents ea.)

Special #9 - RED WIGGLERS

 24 for $  5.95  ( only 24.8 cents ea.)

 48 for $ 11.75  ( only 24.5 cents ea.)

 72 for $ 17.60  ( only 24.4 cents ea.)

 96 for $ 23.30  ( only 24.3 cents ea.)

120 for $ 29.05 ( only 24.2 cents ea.)

240 for $ 57.80 ( only 24.1 cents ea.)

Special #10 - RED WIGGLERS

 12 for $  2.45  ( only 20.4 cents ea.)

 24 for $  4.75  ( only 19.8 cents ea.)

 36 for $  6.95  ( only 19.3 cents ea.)

 48 for $  9.20  ( only 19.2 cents ea.)

60 for $ 11.45 ( only 19.1 cents ea.)

120 for $ 22.75 ( only 19.0 cents ea.)

PRICING: Prices posted in this website are subject to change without notice.




PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS on prepaid orders.  If by chance you find dead grubs upon opening the box please email photo same day for credit on your next order.

NOTE: Processing and shipping of your order may be delayed when temperatures go below 45 F (8 C) or above 75 F (23 C).

For Multiple Product Orders: BSFL, other worms, crickets, and rodents - please use our Contact Us Page


 WINTER SHIPPING: We will only ship your order via FedEx Overnight-NEXT-DAY shipping option, unless temperatures are above 42 F (6 C) for 3 or more consecutive days.  If you order using the shopping cart you MUST choose the next-day delivery shipping option ONLY ... choosing other slower shipping options will delay the shipping of your order - as we will wait for warm temperatures in order to safely ship all perishable items 

Please select ONLY Overnight Shipping for our Live Delivery Guarantee, or maximum 2-Day Shipping with EXTRA Heat Pack ($2.00 EXTRA) to maintain the Live Delivery Guarantee - All Other slower shipping options ship with NO Live Delivery Guarantee. The Risk Is Yours !

 Please Note: We do not issue a refund on any prepaid orders, due to Payment Processor Fees.

NOTE: Processing and shipping of your order may be delayed when temperatures are below 34 F (1 C) or above 79 F (27 C)

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (also sold as: ReptiWorms, CalciWorms, or Phoenix Worms - 3 different brand names for the BSF larvae)

pack an almost perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus (1.5 : 1) which can halt (and sometimes even reverse) metabolic bone disease.  It increases clutch sizes, and when fed to babies/juveniles, boosts growth rates by up to 30%.  They also have high natural levels of lauric acid, known to be an excellent antimicrobial which is very potent and guards against lipid-coated viruses, clostridium and pathogenic protozoa including coccidian.  The larvae of Hermetia illucens, commonly known as the Black Soldier Fly (BSFL), have been fed to many thousands of animals by breeders and hobbyists over the past twelve years.  

See Bearded Dragon Diet 

53% of the fat in BSFL is beneficial lauric acid, a proven antimicrobial especially effective against coccidiosis.

Recommended by veterinarians, BSFLare the only calcium-rich feeder that have a naturally 2:1 balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, and can be safely fed as a staple feeder for your bearded dragon diet. Delicious, nutritious, high in calcium and low in fat. So here is a live feeder grub that Naturally provides very high Calcium, with Low Phosphorous levels, is maintenance-free, and reptiles love them too!

'BSFL require NO feeding, or cleaning, and keep for a month or longer refrigerated at 55-60 F, right in the tub they came in.  Even the substrate they come in, and live in, is safe for your reptiles to ingest with NO ill side-effects.  It's really exiting to have a simple, healthier, and easier live-feeding solution for ourselves and for our customers too'.

 ReptiWorms® are the perfect live insect feeder for most exotics.  See: BSFL

Here at the Worm Lady is where you can order the 'Genuine' ReptiWorms, originally developed by Dr. Craig Sheppard, University of Georgia entomologist and the developer of this unique new feeder insect, in collaboration with Allen Repashy (owner of world famous Repashy SuperFoods).  

Fresh ReptiWorms will be sent direct to you from our facility in McGregor Ontario (just south of Windsor) and NOT through a middle-man, assuring you the freshest product available in Ontario.  Contact Us page

NOTE: Even when the ReptiWorm larva morphs into the Black Soldier Fly it will be useful as a treat to most insectivorous reptiles (bearded dragons, skinks, chameleons, anoles, geckos, turtles, frogs, tarantulas, steppe runners, scorpions and fish) which will eagerly chase and eat them ... most herps loved them.

The ReptiWorm should be high on the ‘regular  feeder’ list of every reptile, amphibian or exotic's diet!

Nutritional values of black soldier fly larvae have been studied extensively for exotic pets/reptiles, herps, hens, fish, and other species for many years and are quite unique and amazing. Significant reductions of E.coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella Enterica have been identified in animals fed on ReptiWorms. Lauric Acid makes up over half of the ReptiWorms’ fat content. This ‘good’ fat with strong antimicrobial properties helps prevent and/or fight bacterial and other infections such as Clostridium and Coccidia – two very common and sometimes deadly health issues with reptiles/herps.

The Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is approximately 1.43 : 1 – virtually ideal for most amphibians and reptiles. Poor calcium:phosphorus ratio is the main reason for calcium supplementation but ‘dusting’ is not required when feeding ReptiWorms! The calcium content of Soldier Fly larvae is up to 8,000ppm as opposed to between 20 and 135ppm in mealworms and crickets. ReptiWorms protein and fat levels are 17.3% and 9.4% respectively . When fed to gravid females, ReptiWorms increase clutch size and health of hatchlings and aids in female’s recovery. Additionally, when fed to juveniles, this wonderful staple food can boost growth by up to 30%! They are soft bodied so there is no fear of impaction.

ReptiWorms can be kept at room temperature for extended periods or even longer in cooler conditions (50 to 65F). They do not make noise and do not need to be fed. ReptiWorms are usually for sale in packages of 100, but here at The Worm Lady, we recognise that many of our clients would prefer a smaller amount. That’s why we are happy to provide ½ size containers to our clients.
Available in FOUR Sizes

-  Extra Small - 3/16"  ReptiWorms™  (150 ct  $8.75) / very wiggly
-  Small - 1/2" ReptiWorms™  (150 ct  $9.90)  / still wiggly
 -  Medium - 9/16" ReptiWorms™  (100 ct  $9.50)  / mobile but slow
-  Large - 3/4" ReptiWorms™  (100 ct $9.95) / slow or not mobile at all

NOTE: With our Agriculture Canada Permit we Import our ReptiWorms direct from the producer, in Chico CA, (NO middle-man) and find the overall quality is much better than their competitor's products. A lot less pupae - more lively larvae.

To order your ReptiWorms just go to our Contact Us Page

Sub Adult Leatherback Bearded Dragon Devouring ReptiWorms ... >>>

Dr.Drum ... Make Pro Beats Today with NO Experience ! 

Unlike other beat makers Dr Drum Beatmaker will automatically scan the imported sound, find out what note it is, and recreate ALL the other notes for you giving you a full 4 octaves from your single sample.

Orders are processed at 9 AM EST Monday through Wednesday. Orders are Shipped Monday through Wednesday to ensure same week delivery.
Warm Weather Shipping
Warm Weather:
When you place your order, consider the amount of time your package might be exposed to the heat. Take into account the times with your postal carrier and inside of your mailbox. 
If it is above 80°F in your area, then tell us in the comments section (of our 'Contact Us' page) while completing your order, so that we can arrange for you to pickup at your Post Office.
You Have Options: 
- Hold at Post Office
Leave us a message in the comments box, "Hold at Post Office"
- FedEx Ground / FedEx Economy Next Day (delivery to your home, or business address)
For faster arrival and an included cold pack (in hot weather), or heat pack (in cold weather), An extra fee will apply.

      Extra Small - ReptiWorms™
  approx 3/16 of a inch long
150 for only $8.75
( very wiggly )
 Small - ReptiWorms™  
approx 1/2 of a inch long
150 for only $9.90
( wiggly )

 Medium - ReptiWorms™ 

Medium -  ReptiWorms™

approx 9/16 of a inch long
100 for only $9.50
(still mobile )

 Large - ReptiWorms™ 

Large -  ReptiWorms™

approx 3/4 of a inch long
100 for only $9.95
  ( slow or not mobile at all )
Reptiworms in bulk tub

To order your ReptiWorms + Other products too, go to our Contact Us Page >> Click here

NOTE: The Large Size ReptiWorms (black soldier fly larvae) are usually in their fifth instar and very slow moving - approaching pupa stage, so they should be fed first, unless you want to let them pupate into the flies for your herps to chase them and dine on. 

<<< 2,000 ReptiWorms (xsm-sm-md-lrg-mixed sizes) in bulk tub. 

About ReptiWorms.com

Reptiworms.com was started because of a need for feeder insects for our bearded dragon collection.  We have bred many different types of bugs from crickets to superworms and our favorite one has to be Reptiworms™ (black soldier fly larvae).  

We chose this bug because of the natural high Calcium / low Phosphorous it provides, and how low maintenance they actually are.  

All of our Reptiworms™ are fed on a custom milled organic grain meal.  - They are never fed trash. -  We wouldn’t want to feed trash to our lizards so why would we want to feed it to our worms. 

The worms environment is 100% indoor climate controlled.  This ensures you get the best possible worm for your animal


 I keep hearing different names for Black Solider Fly Larvae!  

 What is the difference between Reptiworms™, Phoenix Worms®, and Calciworms® ?

(Phoenix Worms® is a registered trademark of Insect Science Resource LLC. All rights reserved)

(Calciworms® is a registered trademark of Timerberline Fisheries. All rights reserved)

All the above worms are the same species of Black Solider Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens).  The only difference between them is how they are raised and what they are fed.  Our worms environment - at ReptiWorms - is 100% controlled and they are only fed a custom milled organic grain meal.  This is done to ensure our animals don’t get passed on anything that could harm them.  Remember we feed over 2,000 of our own Bearded dragons these worms every day.  The last thing we want to do is harm an animal.

 Some of my worms are dark brown/black. Is there something wrong?

No, the worms naturally start turning brown/black as they are preparing to change into a fly.  This is actually when they have the most calcium. They can still be fed when they turn brown/black and can be fed even when they turn into a fly.

 What’s the best way to feed the worms to my pet?

We have found keeping them in a dry tapered dish works very well.  You'll find the worms don’t move very fast and have a tough time climbing so they won't get out of the feed dish.

 My reptile/amphibian accidentally ate some of the packing medium. Will it be ok?

Yes, your reptile will not be harmed by the packing medium.  We do suggest letting your worms sit in the pet's feeder dish for a couple of minutes before putting it into the cage.  This will let the worm remove the medium from itself, and as it dries it's very easy to remove it from them.

 What are the worms packed in?

The worms are packed in a natural material that will not mold.  It is NOT their food, they are not packed with food because we do not want the worm to create waste which will cause them to stink or even worse die .  The Natural material will not hurt your animal.

 If I do cool them down, should I warm them back up before feeding them out?

YES!  Bring the amount of worms you want out of the wine cooler and let them warm up to room temperature so that they become active and are more appealing to the dragon.

 How can I get my worms to live/last longer?

You can get your worms to last longer by cooling them to 50-60 degrees F.  This can be done by putting them into a wine/beer fridge, or the 'butter keeper' of your fridge door.  Normal refrigerators will cool them down too much and can cause them to die after a day or two.  Cooling them will allow the worms to stay alive for months.  Keeping them at room temperature will keep your worms alive for 2-3 weeks.

Extra Small -  ReptiWorms™  150ct $6.75 ( very wiggly )  /   Small -  ReptiWorms™  150ct $7.00 ( wiggly ) 

   Medium  -   ReptiWorms™  100ct $7.75 ( mobile )  /    Large -  ReptiWorms™  100ct $8.50 ( slow or not mobile )

 What can I feed the worms to make them get larger?

You can feed the worms a mash mixture of cricket feed or corn meal. You will do a 1:1 ratio of food:water. You want it to be almost the consistency of mashed potatoes. You do not want it too wet or it will harm the worm. 
You should give the worms their body size in mash. For example, if you have a container with a 1/4" of worms, then give them 1/4" of mash. The food should be replaced when it turns dark. Most worms will need food twice a week.
Please note that the worms can grow very fast. they grow from the small to medium size in 1-2 weeks. Once the worms are the size you desire you will want to stop feeding them and cool them down to 50-60 degrees F.

 The Worm Lady

4 Lilac Court, McGregor, Ontario, Canada, N0R 1J0  /  tel; (226) 787-8286


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